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Vacuum Pump Ready for the Trip to Middle East
2018-05-29 14:15:17
The vacuum pump is designed to transfer cuttings from offshore,  transferring high solids content sludge coming from the oilfield drilling cuttings, waste solids discharges and remains flushing slurry in oil vessel. but it can actually be much more widely used in many other different applications. 
'I think this kind of the pump is what I am looking for since long time before, hope it can give me a help in transferring the sludge' client told to GN, after some email communication. 
Please also click below link to watch the vacuum pump working video. Any request, please feel to contact with GN.
In some oilfield, the mud recycling system will discharge drilling cuttings to a large sludge pit first, and then excavated out for further treatment. The operators on field can use vacuum pump to do this job as the pump can suck 50 meters away and send to more than 500 meters far away. It also allows the large size solids up to 75 mm get through the pump. In drilling waste cuttings management system, this vacuum pump can transfer the cuttings to cuttings dryer or drying shaker with high efficiency.
The main concern we may also care a lot is the viscosity, though have successfully transferred some high density fluid in several sites, still need more real data to confirm what is the range. Pls also let us know what kind of fluid you are using our vacuum pump to transfer.