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solids control equipmeng for 2 rigs in Russia
2018-06-25 07:32:58
6 shale shaker, 2 mud cleaners, 6 centrifugal pumps, 2 centrifugal degasser and 4 decanter centrifuges for 2 rigs, now ready to departure to Russia.
GN Centrifugal Pump Features
1. Pump spare parts interchangeable with most of the international brand pump for customer easy source 
2. Pump casing make from hard ductile iron alloy that increases abrasion resistance capability.
3. Wide open-vane impeller creates lower axial thrust to improve bearing life.
4. High quality non-adjustment mechanical seal to provide zero leakage and longer operation life.
5. All bearing used from top brand for reliable operation.
GN Shale Shaker/Mud Cleaner Features
1. Shaker deck is complete heat treatment to increase the strength
2. Screen supporting frame make from stainless steel for better anti-corrosion feature
3. Composite frame screen matched with longer working time and less knock off to replace the screen
4. Rubber bushing protected damping spring for personnel safe and better rust resistance. 
5. Angle adjustable shaker deck could be adjusted during running from either one end with both ends adjusted.
GN Decanter Centrifuge Features
1. Bowl material is duplex stainless steel 2304 that is much better than SS316
2. Bowl is made by centrifugal casting technology for better material distribution and none air blister 
3. Screw propeller also from stainless steel with tungsten carbide tile bolted on scraper for protection and long working life.
4. Solids discharging port protected by tungsten carbide bushing 
5. Both fixed speed model and VFD model available for customers' option
GN has more than ten years' experience in making solids control equipment. Client can get proposal of both single equipment and complex solids control system from GN. Welcome call and ask for a quote.