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ViST Shaker ---GN New Products now Online
2018-07-08 15:27:43
After long time R&D, plus site test, back and forward, now GN ViST shaker is live for sale. The main purpose is improve the separation efficiency, with a vacuum hopper, connecting to a suction unit, more fluids are recovered.
Will this ViST suit for all shakers?
Not yet, keep tune, and you will find out. So far it only suit GN shale shaksers, to help GN shaker do better separation.
Any more space required? Any modifications needed if I already have the GN shaker?
Not much, add the hopper underneath the last screen, let us know the shaker name plate, we will have our sales team work out for you.
You will definitely need some space for the Vist suction unit itself and also some place for the fluid comes through the ViST suction pipe, can be hose, so should be easily intergrated with the existing system. 
WIll you send anyone help us for commissioning?
Well you know GN commissioning policy, still the same, if not aware, send us an email.
-- ViST Vacuum Shaker Screen Advantage:
Widely application for OBM, SBM, and WBM.
Both onshore and offshore application to reduce waste and recovery fluids.
To replace High G drying shale shaker without any extra consumption of shaker screens.
Less foot print and easy installation without welding.
Reduce waste by 30% to 50%
Finer shaker screen can be used to improve the solids control efficiency.
Less cost for drilling cuttings transportation
No electric power required, suitable for work in Hazardous area.
The suction and discharge time is adjustable according to different drilling conditions.
One ViST can be connected to 2 – 3 shakers with only one air supply to the ViST Vacuum unit
GN team have done lots of test, and put all together in a video, so you will see what happends on WBM sludge, OBM waste etc.. If possible we also would like you share more pictures with us for them useing on site with us, very appreciate that.