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Fully Hydraulic Drive Decanter Centrifuge ready for shipment to Middle East
2018-09-12 17:27:04

This week, the fabrication of one unit fully hydraulic decanter centrifuge has been completed. This unit decanter centrifuge is ordered by a client from Middle East. Decanter centrifuge is one of GN main products. With more Ten years’ experience, GN has developed a series decanter centrifuges that can be applied in drilling site, industrial waste treatment and other separation projects.


Besides the electrical motor drive centrifuge, the fully hydraulic decanter centrifuge is a well-developed model. Different from the electrical centrifuge, GN fully hydraulic drive decanter centrifuge is working by using a hydraulic pump to feed hydraulic oil to drive the bowl and scroll. Below some advantages of GN FHD decanter centrifuge:

1. The complete unit is compact structure design with centrifuge, hydraulic driving system and the control system in one skid for easy rig up. The PLC system with smart control and safety protection is guarantee for clients’ easy operation.
2. In this unit, the full hydraulic drive system could be used in high temperature ambient for heavy mud with flexible bowl and differential speed. This greatly ensures the working safety and multipurpose application of the centrifuge unit like in barite recycling in mud system, fine solids separation waste mud management.


3. GN fully hydraulic drive decanter centrifuge is designed with adjustable bowl speed, differential speed and liquid pond depth for discharging different dryness of solids for different slurry conditions to meet operators’ requirements.
4. The rotation part of the centrifuge is processed by high precision CNC machine and balanced by high speed balancing machine for reliable performance. The centrifugal casting bowl is made of duplex stainless steel 2304, Tungsten carbide material for protection of screw propeller, mud inlet distribution port and solids discharge port, SKF bearings to give the centrifuge maximum operation life with less maintenance.

GN centrifuge unit now could be used in drilling mud recycling, waste management treatment, mining separation and many other industries. For more information on GN hydraulic drive decanter centrifuge, please feel free to contact with GN.