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Oil Sludge Treatment System sold to Europe Client
2018-09-20 14:35:17

This week, GN arranged the delivery of one set compact design oil sludge treatment system to Client from Europe. The client firstly saw GN oil sludge treatment system at the Beijing CIPPE show this March. After two times factory inspection and business communication, the clients placed order.


Please click below link to watch the working video of this oil sludge treatment system.

This skid mounted system is used to recover the oil from oily sludge coming from various sources like drilling waste cuttings, refinery waste, and oil tank remains etc. It is consisting of chemical dosing, premixing, 2-phase separation and 3-phase separation modules.

For economy purpose, client instructed to replace the automatic polymer dosing system by a simple mixing tank in where client can pour the liquid or powder chemicals for making the chemical solution. The solution will be pumped into the premixing tank for demulsfication to remove the oil from solids. The premixing vessel is equipped with heating line better performance.


A mini shale shaker and a mini decanter centrifuge are the main equipment in the 2-phase separation process. Sludge after a while demulsfication in premixing tank would be transferred to the shaker unit for large size solids removing; liquid with fine solids will be pumped to the decanter centrifuge for fine solids separation. Most of the solids can be removed in this process; the liquid discharged from the decanter centrifuge is consisting of water, oil and little amount of solids all of that will be collected in a buffering tank waiting for 3-phase separation.

In 3-phase separation procedure, a disc type centrifuge is used to separate the oil, water and ultra-fine solids. By using this oil sludge treatment system, the oil could be recovered from the waste so as to the waste discharge would be greatly reduced. This is beneficial for environment protection and also good in obtaining economic profit.

This compact oil sludge treatment system could be used as a pilot unit to prove the oily sludge can be treated by this technology, once the testing result was satisfying; GN is able to provide the system with larger capacity. Actually, the result is proved onsite, and the client also placed an order for 15 cubic meters capacity system in the same time.