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High Standard Solids Control System for Australia client in Oil Gas Industry
2018-10-12 15:19:24

Last week, GN shipped out one set high standard solids control system to Australia for a client from oil gas industry. Though the Australia standard is considered to be the strictest one in industry, GN was confident that the solids control system could be fabricated as per the standard and achieve client requirement.


Actually, GN ever shipped one sethelicopter lifting mud tank system to Australia client last year. That system was also high standard request on weight and tank design.

Below few request from Client to show Australia high standard

1. All electrical material needs to be Australia standard like the wire cable color which is considered to consistence concern when client’s engineer does the cable wiring job. This will not confuse the client so as to make the job easy. In oil gas industry, all electrical material like motors, control panels, even cable glands need to be explosion proof. For Australia, client request it should be IECEX standard, and GN is able to provide that. 
2. In designing the tank system, client also provided many suggestions and notices to GN engineer to ensure the design is comply with the safety standard. These comments almost covered all aspects of the tank design from walkway, handrail, lifting pad, valves and even the distance between adjacent components. All these designs have specified request and need to be approved. 
3. The tank top surface is fixed with high strength glass fiber reinforced plastics for long time working time and better resistance to impaction and UV. They also have very high standard in welding and painting.


The client is using this solids control system for a work over rig drilling project. The system is consisting of 2 tanks. The first tank would be used to fix 2 unit shale shakers for drilling mud cleaning, and second tank is used for adding mud chemicals as equipped with mixing pump and mud hopper. Both tanks have mud agitators and mud guns for mud mixing. For more information, welcome call to GN.