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Three Containers of GN Shale Shaker Screen shipped to America
2018-12-23 20:17:38

Shale shaker screen is one of GN main products that is widely accepted and applied in world market for drilling mud recycling. Recently, GN just shipped three containers of shale shaker screen to America.

2018.11.02 America Shaker Screen 1

GN mainly manufactures the composite frame shaker screen currently. Steel bone inside with plastic covered outside, GN composite frame shaker screen performs much better than the steel frame shaker screen. During the running, the composite shaker screen will be much stronger as fiber glass is added into the fabrication material. When come into storage, the composite frame shaker screen will last for longer time as it will not rust. GN shaker screen bone frame is welded by robot to ensure the consistency.


Among all Chinese solids control brands, GN solids control is the only one who makes both solids control equipment and the shaker screen, and the only one shaker screen manufacturer who tested the shaker screen as perAPI RP 13C standard and got the report proving GN full series screen API numbers are comply with the standard.. All manufacturing procedures of GN shaker screen are processed in GN own factory from bone frame welding, wire mesh cutting to heating and pressing, plastic covering. GN is able to control all procedures to ensure the quality.

2018.11.02 API Shaker Screen 1

GN Solids America is GN’s branch in Houston, USA. There GN also made inventory of replacement screen for almost all the poplar shaker screen brand in world market. GN is committed to provide the good products with reasonable price to all clients, let clients to get more benefit and reduce the drilling cost of users.


GN is welcoming all clients who are interested in GN shale shaker screen. Please contact with GN solids control for more communication with GN sales team on what API number and potential requirements to get a free sample from GN.