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Two Sets 500GPM Trenchless Mud Recycler for HDD Company in India
2019-01-01 20:53:07


Normally each rig needs to be equipped with one set mud recycler with corresponding treating capacity. GN has ever exports many sets HDD mud recycling system to India. Below link is showing one set mud recycling system shipped to India couple months ago.

A standard self-contained trenchless mud recycler is consisting of mud recycling equipment, mud mixing equipment and mud collection tank. Different from the mud recycler in oil gas drilling industry, the trenchless drilling will discharge the dirty mud back to mud pit on the ground firstly, then use a vertical installed submersible slurry pump to transfer the mud to mud recycler system.

Most of the driller will use Three-stage separation procedure as shale shaker, de-sander, de-silter to remove the cuttings and waste solids step by step. This is a cost saving configuration. If higher separation request is needed, the driller will bring a decanter centrifuge into the trenchless mud recycler.


The size of the mud tanks are normally depends on the rig size and the mud volume need to be stored. On mud tank, agitators and mud guns will be needed to stirring mud to keep the solids suspending in mud. To be self-contained mud recycler, a jet mud mixer will be needed for adding the chemicals to keep the mud property.

GN mud recycler is with different size and design for wide application in oil and gas drilling, trenchless drilling, piling job, TBM and other separation projects. GN is pleased to provide professional catalog and configuration information on the mud recycling system, please no hesitate to let us know if any interesting.