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Oil Sludge Treatment System for Kazakhstan Project
2019-02-12 19:28:40

Oil sludge treatment system is one of GN new released technology in recent couple years. Not long before, GN shipped one set skid mounted oil sludge treatment system to Kazakhstan, client is satisfied with the performance of the system.

GN oil sludge treatment system is a 3 phase separation solution for water, oil and solid. This skid mounted system is compact design for easy transportation. It is normally used for small flow capacity project or for testing purpose. It is more like a demo system. So far, GN had developed three standard oil sludge system by treating capacity of 1, 5 and 15 cubic meters per hour.

2018.12.19 Kazakstan Oil Sludge Treatment System

Below a list showing all the modules in the standard oil sludge treatment system

1. Pre-mixing module, it is consisting of oil sludge collecting tank, sludge mixer, sludge pump. User need to transfer the oil sludge via a vacuum pump to the tank, water may need to be added in to the tank also to make sludge more flow-able for easy pump to next module. 
2. 2-Phase separation module, it contains the shaker screen system and decanter centrifuge system. Coarse solids could be removed by the shaker, while the fine solids would be removed by decanter centrifuge. The effluence coming out from the decanter is mixture of liquid (water and oil) and ultrafine solids that can be further treated.
3. 3-Phase separation module, the effluence from the decanter would be transferred to a disc centrifuge for water, oil and solids separation. RMP up to 7000 centrifuge can effectively separate the 3 phases and get satisfying result. 
4. Chemical dosing system, this system is used to making the demulsification liquid and send to all modules to speed up the oil getting off from the solids. GN dosing system can be used to make chemical solution by using power and liquid chemicals.

To know more information about GN oil sludge treatment system, please no hesitate to contact with us.

Below onsite working video of the oil sludge treatment system