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GN Separation and Conveying Equipment Company New Website Now Online
2019-03-01 16:03:14

GN Separation and Conveying Equipment Co., Ltd is one of the GN Solids Control divisions, and the main business is industrial separation and conveying solutions. To offer professional support and make client clear what GN Separation doing, GN just released the new official website.

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GN Separation Product Lines:
1. GN Decanter centrifuge for various applications in waste water treatment, mining tail sludge dewatering, chemical slurry concentration and edible oil extraction. 
2. GN Conveying Equipment Screw Conveyor, Bucket Elevator, and Belt Conveyor. The conveying equipment could be used to transfer the solids discharged from GN separation decanter centrifuge and other industries for coarse solids, powder, bulk materials conveying.

3. GN Transfer Pumps: Solids Vacuum Pump for high solids content sludge transferring fully driven by air, Centrifugal Pump with nodular cast iron made casing and impeller for long time running performance, Progressive Cavity pump with stable flow rate to be an ideal feeding pump to decanter centrifuge.
4. Other Separation Equipment: both the Oil Water Separator and Slant plate clarifier could be used in the 3 phase separation project to separate water, oil and fine solids. Screen Scroll Centrifuge is a type drying equipment that could be used for dewatering of the wet coarse solids slurry like coal washing process.


The foundation of GN Separation is relying on the continuously improving of GN technologies and the concept to maximally meet clients’ requirement. The combination of two factors brings GN new ideas to classify the products more accurate so that to make client clear what GN can do. While on the other hand, the classification requests GN Separation to offer more professional support and solution. That is also the vision of GN.

Below list tells what industries GN Separation can serve

1. Environmental & Waste Water Treatment
2. Mining & Construction Industry
3. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Industry
4. Food & Beverage Industry
5. Beverage Production Industry
6. Edible Oil Industry


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