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GN Solids Control Centrifuge and Shale Shaker for India Company
2019-03-17 20:10:14

GN Solids Control finished the order of one batch decanter centrifuge and shale shaker for client from India, and then the equipment is ready for shipment. The decanter centrifuge and shale shaker are two of critical equipment in the drilling mud recycling system. The shaker removes the coarse cuttings by screen with different mesh size and the decanter separate the fine solids by centrifugal force.


GN is able to provide thedecanter centrifuge by single equipment and package system. In the drilling mud cleaning system, the decanter centrifuge is always located on the mud tank or supported by a frame skid to let the discharged liquid easily flow back into the mud system. At the very beginning of the drilling procedure, decanter centrifuge will not be needed. When the fine solids built up to affect the property of the drilling mud, the decanter centrifuge will be turned on.

For ultrafine solids, flocculants need to be added into the drilling mud to gather the solids so that the decanter centrifuge could remove that easily. GN also supplies the dosing system with tube screw conveyer for chemical powder transferring and blenders for chemical mixing. In consideration of the climate, GN can make the tank skid with roof for sunshade and rainproof.


GN shale shaker is widely used in oil and gas drilling and other type drilling projects. Normally for oil gas drilling, GN provided the shale shakers with explosion proof standard vibrators and control panel for safety purpose. GN has established close business relation with many clients from HDD industry in India. Application in trenchless drilling does not request explosion proof, thus client can choose the non-explosion proof vibrators for cost saving.

GN Solids Control has more than ten years' experience in manufacturing the decanter centrifuge and shale shaker unit for various applications and capacities, and got good comments on the performance. Any request, please no hesitate to contact with GN.