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Tandem Shale Shakers for Middle East Oilfield Service Company
2019-04-19 15:56:33

This week, GN finished the fabrication of tandem shale shakers for one Middle East oilfield service company. Now the equipment is ready for shipment. 
The tandem shale shaker is to put 2 unit single shale shakers on one skid. Normally these two unit shale shakers are completely same to ensure the easy operation and maintenance in future.


Composition of Tandem Shale Shaker Unit

1. Two unit single shakers – each single unit of the shaker is provided with buffer box, vibrators and shaker screens.
2. Mounted Skid – The steel structure skid is where the shakers are mounted on. The drilling mud treated by shakers finally will go through the shaker screen and fall into the mud tank. Therefore the skid is designed with square openings where the shakers will be mounted above.
3. Mud Distributor- Mud distributor is used to distribute the mud into different shale shakers. According to client requirement, GN is able to provide mud distributor as pipe type or tube type.


Advantages of Tandem Shale Shaker

1. Tandem shale shaker could be used flexibly as per the drilling fluids flow rate. For drilling site, mostly two units shale shakers are needed. Sometimes one shaker is working while the other is stand-by; sometimes both of the two shakers will work at full capacity.
2. As the tandem shale shakers are mounted on the same one skid. For site installation and dismounting, only need to use a crane to lift the whole skid to put on tank top or take it off from the tank.
3. Convenient transportation. In designing and manufacturing the mounted skid, with consideration of easily putting on flatbed trailer, the skid is made with container type fixing points.
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