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GN Solid Control on 2019 CIPPE Beijing oil show
2019-04-26 11:24:53

The annual oil festival, the 2019 Beijing Petroleum Exhibition is about to close. At the CIPPE oil show, GN exhibited a strong product lineup. Including: oily sludge treatment systemsolid vacuum pumpshale shakerbig bowl high-speed decanter centrifugecentrifugal pumpsshaker screensscrew conveyorvertical cuttings dryer.





Among them, the oily sludge treatment system has received extensive attention from customers. With the gradual landing of national environmental protection policies, the demand for oily sludge treatment equipment is growing. GN oily sludge treatment system is an efficient treatment process. It is widely used to treat tank bottom sludge, refinery sludge, drilling cuttings and so on. The treatment method is mainly by heating and chemical washing, and then removes big sand by shale shaker, the decanter centrifuge, and the three-phase centrifuge for oil, water and soil separation. The oil obtained after separation can be sold to the refinery, the water can be reused in heat washing system. The oil content of the solid phase is less than 2%, which can be further processed by thermal desorption or biodegradation to an oil content of less than 0.3% to meet the requirements of harmless treatment.

Another product that has received widespread customer attention is the solid vacuum pump. The solid vacuum pump is a product developed by GN in the recent year for the solid and high solids material transportation in the petroleum industry. It is characterized by strong self-priming ability, long transport distance, and ability to transport solids and high solids materials. The solids vacuum pump is widely used in clearing operations, cuttings transportation, oily sludge transportation, and remote transportation of mud.

Regarding drilling solids control and drilling waste management, GN optimized the design of shale shakers, decanter centrifuges, and drill cutting dryers. The optimized shale shakers are with fast screen changing, and the screens are repairable, which greatly prolongs the service life of the screens. Moreover, it can be equipped with a vacuum adsorption device to more effectively improve the recovery of drilling fluid and reduce the cost of drilling waste disposal. According to the market demand, GN has developed a big bowl, high speed, large aspect ratio decanter centrifuge for mud dewatering treatment and more effectively treat the aging drilling fluid. As a well-known manufacturer of drill cutting dryer, GN drill cutting dryer is further optimized to prevent material blockage and reliability.