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Bored Piling Mud Desanding Plant for Asia Client
2019-08-16 08:42:00

Mud desanding plant is an economic system to separate the solids from drilling fluids. It is mainly used in the bored piling project requesting of removing the coarse solid particles in the slurry. The recovered liquid is pumped back to the rig for re-using

GN Solids Control just finished the assembling and factory test running nearly 10 sets of the piling mud desanding unit with capacity of 500GPM. Pictures shown in this article are the arrangement of this batch equipment waiting for shipment. 


Advantages of the Mud Desanding Plant

1. Multi-Procedure – GN mud desanding plant is consisting of coarse solids separation procedure and hydrocyclone separation procedure. After the slurry feeding into the desanding plant, the coarse solids will be firstly screened out by the shaker screen. The liquid will be pumped to the hydrocyclone unit for fine solids separation. It has built-in pump system, buffering tank and electric control system. The muti-procedure design makes the system could separate fine solids to meet users' demand.

2. Compact Design – GN mud desanding plant is a combination unit works step by step to separate large size and fine solids. Considering the working site area limitation, the desanding plant is designed with a small footprint and easy moving inside the city. For large volume active mud storage, user could make extra tanks to connect to GN desanding plant easily. 


To provide users much better solution on the piling mud cleaning, GN developed the Inclined Plate clarifier system for condensing the liquid discharged from hydrocyclone unit to make the liquid clearer. Comparing with the decanter centrifuge, the clarifier system is an cost saving solution with larger flow rate. In the clarifier, the fine solids will settle down to the bottom and then pumped out by a diaphragm pump.

More and more piling project contractors are considering using both of the mud desanding plant following by a clarifier system to get a more cost-effective and better performance solution.