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Drilling Mud Recycling System Ready for Shipping to Domestic Client
2019-09-12 16:15:28

With many years' experience, GN is able to design and manufacture the mud recycling system either per standard configuration or clients' requirements. This week, one set solids control system will be completed the factory trial assembling and test, then shipped out to a China domestic drilling company.  


This system is a self-contained design with solids separation and mud re-configuration functions. 

1. Separation equipment – this system is equipped with GNZS703 shale shaker and two-cyclone 10 inch de-sander for solid particles separation. Coarse separation will be done at the shaker unit, the latter de-sander unit is used for fine solids separation. 
2. Pumping System – the pumping system is consisting of trip pump, sand pump and mixing pump. In consideration of the replacement of the drilling tools, the mud system is equipped with trip pump and accordingly the mud tank is with trip compartment. To ensure the sufficient tank volume, GN uses the vertical slurry pump for feeding to the de-sander. The mixing pump is used for circulating the polymer mud materials and providing pressure to the mud gun. 
3. Mud tank system – in designing the mud, GN fully considered the equipment mounted on it and the compartment dividing to ensure the continuously work flow of the mud system. Pipes and valves are built in the tank for mud flowing. Walkway and hand rails are provided to facilitate operators working on the tank safely. 


GN has standard configuration of drilling mud solids control system. Per clients' specified requirement on capacity and budget, GN is able to provide customized configuration. Before placing the order, clients would get the layout and flow diagram to have a more specific impression on what the mud system will be like. For more information, please feel free to contact with GN Solids Control.