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The 200GPM high-profile trenchless mud recovery system was sold to an engineerin
2021-08-06 19:34:57

Recently, a set of high-match trenchless mud recovery system from our company was sent to a domestic engineering company. Customers highly appraise and approve this system manufactured by our company. This system is a solids control system with hierarchical treatment. Compared with the integrated non-excavation mud recovery system, its treatment performance is better and the treatment effect is better.


The system consists of a mud processing tank, a shale shaker, a desilter and a centrifugal pump. The mud from the customer's mud pool is firstly separated by the long rod pump into the shale shaker to remove large particles in the mud. The mud treated by the shale shaker falls into the system mud tank, and then the system's own sand pump is pumped from the mud tank and driven into the desilting cyclone on the tank surface for more fine separation treatment. After the desilter treatment The mud can enter the mud storage tank that comes with the system or the customer's mud tank. The two methods can be switched freely. The mud processing equipment produced by GN Solids Control adopts petroleum explosion-proof standards for its electronic control system, and the original electronic control components are from brands such as Schneider or Siemens. In the selection of sheet metal, GN has long used steel produced by large domestic steel plants such as Shougang to ensure the lightness and durability of the equipment. In the color of the entire system, GN can provide a variety of color options. The color can also be specified by the customer. The system is used by the customer to specify the color according to the situation of the drilling rig on site, which enhances the unified standards of the construction site. Make the scene more beautiful.


GN Solids Control has been committed to the R&D and manufacturing of solids control equipment for many years. Our company's products are exported to many countries and regions all over the world. Has been highly praised by customers at home and abroad.