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Shield mud-water separation treatment system is sold to customers in South Ameri
2021-08-24 10:50:21

Recently, the shield mud-water separation treatment system produced by GN Solids Control has been rigorously tested in the factory and sold to customers in South America.


Many orders of GN Solids Control come from repeated orders from regular customers. I believe that the stable quality and outstanding performance of GN Solids Control products can give customers strong confidence in GN Solids Control products.


So what are the characteristics of GN Solids Control equipment that can stand out among many domestic solid control counterparts? The following describes the working principle of the shield mud-water separation treatment system;


The advantages and characteristics of the GN Solids Control shield mud-water separation treatment system:

The mud pumped from the working machinery (or sedimentation tank) by the slurry pump enters the bottom coarse screen of the shale shaker of the mud recovery system through the mud logging tank of the vibrating screen for treatment. The coarse particles in the mud are screened out, and then into the slurry tank, the centrifugal pump is sucked from the tank, and the slurry with certain kinetic energy is injected tangentially from the slurry inlet of the desander along the pipeline, and the fine-grained silt drips from its lower end by the cyclone. The nozzle discharge falls on the upper fine screen of the vibrating screen. After dewatering and screening by the fine sieve, the drier fine slag material is separated, and the slurry that has passed through the fine sieve is returned to the slurry storage tank again.


The clean slurry processed by the cyclone enters the middle storage tank from the overflow pipe of the cyclone, and then is transported out along the slurry outlet pipe or returned to the slurry storage tank.


During the mud circulation process, a liquid level buoy between the middle storage tank and the slurry storage tank keeps the liquid level in the slurry storage tank constant. Once the slurry output in the slurry tank is greater than the supply, the liquid level buoy will fall as the liquid level drops. At this time, the mud in the middle storage tank is transferred to the slurry tank through the open slurry pipe, and the liquid level is therefore Ascend to return to its original state; if the slurry supply is greater than the output, the slurry storage tank will overflow to prevent the slurry from overflowing. When higher quality mud is required, the total slurry input can be reduced and the mud separation process in the cyclone can be repeated to achieve the goal.


In addition to the GNTBM-240 series shield mud-water separation treatment system introduced above, our company also produces a complete set of oil drilling solids control systems, non-excavation and coalbed methane drilling rig mud recovery systems, drilling waste treatment systems, industrial environmental protection mining and other solid-liquid Separation system.

If you have equipment requirements for mud-water separation, you can contact us at any time.