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Oily sludge treatment decanter centrifuge sold to environmental protection compa
2021-09-03 10:39:55

Recently, a set of oil sludge treatment system from GN Solids Control was sent to a domestic environmental protection company for use. The main equipment of the system is a two-phase separation decanter centrifuge, a screw feed pump (for slurry supply to the centrifuge), and three-phase disc separation. It consists of a machine and two equipment skids. The effective processing capacity of this system is 15 m3/h. This system has a high degree of integration and a small area of ​​equipment. In terms of control. The system adopts PLC integrated control technology, fully automatic operation, reducing labor input. In terms of processing accuracy, the separation accuracy of the system can reach several microns, which meets the processing capacity required by most industries.


From the overall perspective of system operation, the core equipment of the system is a two-phase decanter centrifuge and a three-phase disc separator. The processing of the system mainly relies on these two core devices. This equipment is completely independently developed and manufactured by GN Solids Control. GN Solids Control has been established for more than ten years and has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of solids control equipment. The two-phase decanter centrifuge has a drum diameter from 200-800mm and a wide range of equipment processing capacity. Customers can choose according to their actual needs. . At the same time, the disc separator is also independently developed and manufactured by GN Company. Its processing capacity is smaller than that of a decanter centrifuge, but its separation accuracy is higher. The equipment speed can reach tens of thousands of revolutions. In terms of energy consumption, the disc separator The separator has lower energy consumption. The equipment area is also smaller. There are two-phase and three-phase disc separators. Can handle more complex materials.


After years of continuous development, GN Solids Control has successively established branches in the United States and Russia. The company's business covers many countries and regions around the world and has been unanimously recognized by customers at home and abroad.


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