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GN Solids Control oily sludge equipment supply to waste treatment company
2021-09-10 16:43:39

The oily sludge treatment program produced by GN Solids Control is mainly used to treat the sludge generated from the bottom cleaning of drilling platforms, oil refineries and oil tanks. It is designed to treat oily sludge with high viscosity and high solid content. After being processed by the GN Solids Control system, a three-phase material of oil, water and solid waste can be obtained.


Last month, GN Solids Control provided an oily sludge treatment program for an environmental treatment company. The main equipment includes:


1. GNLW554ET-VFD Decanter Centrifuge

Compared with the traditional centrifuges used in the traditional oil and gas industry, the GNLW554ET-VFD decanter centrifuge has longer drum diameter and length, and the length-to-diameter ratio reaches 4:1. Its diameter enables the equipment to achieve a higher throughput and at the same time makes the separated materials drier. The solid phase oil content after treatment can be as low as 3%.


2. GNSD-125 three-phase disc centrifuge

The three-phase disc centrifuge is mainly used to process the liquid separated by the decanter centrifuge. After reprocessing, a purer oil and water phase can be obtained. The solid water content in the oil is less than 3%, and the discharged solid phase The oil content is lower. The oil contains 1000ppm in water. At the same time, the disc drive also needs to be equipped with a flushing device to ensure that it can continue to run inside.


3. Dosing device

In order to obtain a better treatment effect for the decanter centrifuge and the three-phase disc machine, dosing and mixing are often carried out before entering the equipment, so that the sludge entering the equipment can be better separated.


4. Screw pump

In the selection of the liquid feed pump of the decanter centrifuge, a screw pump is generally selected. Because the screw pump is a positive displacement pump, it can control the liquid supply flow and record the liquid supply. At the same time, the liquid supply of the screw pump is very stable, which can ensure the stable operation of the centrifuge.


5. Overall base

In order to save space and facilitate transportation and on-site installation. GN Solids Control integrates the centrifuge and the disc drive on two bases, the equipment is compact and the floor space is small. Conducive to a more convenient layout for customers on site.

If you have equipment requirements for waste management, you can contact us at any time.