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Vacuum transfer pump sold to the European market
2021-09-30 15:07:00

GN Solids Control is a manufacturer of solids control and waste treatment equipment. At the same time, a variety of equipment derived from the petroleum industry is widely used in the separation and transportation industry. GN Solids Control vacuum pump is a pump that our company has successfully applied to the transportation industry. Recently, our company successfully customized two vacuum pumps for mining and tailings slag transportation for European customers. This time the customer purchased a GNSP40B vacuum pump and a GNSP20B vacuum pump.


The design of the vacuum pump is to pump the material by pneumatically forming negative pressure in the vacuum pump tank. When the suction is completed, it is converted to positive pressure to discharge the material in the tank out of the tank and transport it to the delivery location designated by the customer. This pump design There are no rotating parts in the cavity, which enables it to transport materials with a solid content of more than 80% and certain high specific gravity materials with fluidity. At the same time, the purely pneumatic pump body can meet the explosion-proof and harsh working environment, ensuring low maintenance rate and Stable and reliable performance.


1. GNSP40B solid vacuum pump

The maximum clear water delivery capacity of the GNSP40B solid vacuum pump is 40m³/h, and the maximum horizontal delivery distance can reach the level of 1000 meters. According to the change of the specific gravity and fluidity of the material, the actual delivery volume, suction distance and delivery distance will vary with the change of logistics. .


2. GNSP20B solid vacuum pump

The maximum clear water delivery capacity of GNSP20B solid vacuum pump is 20 m³/h. Compared with the GNSP40B vacuum pump, although the GNSP20B vacuum pump has a smaller processing capacity, it also has a smaller size, and is a movable design, which is convenient to move the pump to a suitable position and adapt to more Many complex conditions.


The vacuum pump can also be used for the conveying of drill cuttings from vertical cutting dryer, the material conveying in the oil sludge treatment project, and the cleaning equipment on the drilling platform with different suction heads.


The vacuum pump can also adjust the suction and discharge time of the pump according to the material condition to meet the different delivery needs of customers. GNSIP40B vacuum pump also has manual and automatic working modes. GNSP10B and GNSP20B can only work in automatic mode, giving customers more choose.


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