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Drilling waste disposal high-speed inverter centrifuges are sold to the African
2021-10-16 11:00:26

GN Solids Control has a complete management system and complete certification certificates, and can manufacture products that are exported to the international market. Recently, the high-speed variable frequency centrifuge produced by GN Solids Control has been manufactured, installed and debugged in the factory as scheduled, and will be sent to the drilling solids control project in Africa today.


GNLW363C-VFD Frequency Conversion Decanter Centrifuge

Material characteristics: The decanter centrifuge is made of SS2205 bidirectional stainless steel, and the slag outlet wear-resistant sleeve is tungsten carbide hard alloy sleeve, which greatly extends the service life. The pusher blade is a replaceable wear-resistant alloy sheet, which has a longer service life and is easy to maintain. It is suitable for drilling waste with a high solid content.


Part of the core process features: three-way dynamic balance detection, medium-speed dynamic balance, high-speed dynamic balance and full-motion balance detection. Ensure stable operation of the centrifuge under high-speed conditions. The super large machining center, the centrifuge base is welded and processed in one piece, which makes the equipment manufacturing more accurate.


GNCD930 vertical cutting dryer

oduct features: processing capacity can reach 30 to 50 tons/hour. The conventional speed of high separation factor is 900RPM, the separation factor can reach 420G, and the frequency conversion stepless speed regulation can be selected according to the on-site working conditions. The special high-pressure air knife cleans the sieve basket to prevent the sieve basket from clogging. The design of positive pressure intelligent frequency conversion explosion-proof cabinet is suitable for high temperature areas. Material characteristics: The main bearing adopts FAG international brand bearings, and the discharge scraper is spray welded to the hardness of HRC65


 Lifting support platform, and screw feed pump for slurry

In order to facilitate the user to move the equipment during the transition, GN Solids Control has designed a lifting bracket platform. After the equipment is used, the lifting bracket can be used to make the transfer more convenient and faster.