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Screw conveyors and screw pumps sold to Nigeria Services company
2021-10-23 14:20:52

GN Solids Control has focused on providing drilling solids control equipment and waste conveying equipment for global customers for many years. Last month, GN Solids Control completed 10 sets of screw conveyors and 8 sets of screws containing control systems for an African drilling waste disposal company Pump supply.


1. Screw conveyor


GN Solids Control provided 7 sets of manual variable speed screw conveyors, model GNSC12B-24V. All these screw conveyors will be used to collect the drill cuttings discharged from the drilling fluid shaker, mud cleaner or de-sander, desilter. In addition, the screw conveyor can be manually shifted, and the conveying speed can be adjusted according to different working conditions to match the conveying volume required by the system. At the same time, the screw conveyor is wear-resistant design, suitable for long-term operating conditions.


2. Screw feed pump


The screw pump is a conveying and supplying pump with a metered flow rate, which can smoothly convey viscous materials. It is mainly used as a feed pump for a decanter centrifuge to avoid blockage caused by a surge in flow.

GN Solids Control adopts the main pump body manufactured by the German brand, and additionally provides motors, reducers and other components to match the pump body.


3. Control box


GN Solids Control can provide explosion-proof electric control boxes of different standards such as IEC Ex, ATEX, CNEX, etc., which can be applied to the working environment of Zone 1 or Zone 2.


The control box produced by GN Solids Control can be equipped with air conditioners, which can be used in tropical sites such as Africa, and can also be used in cold regions such as Russia. The above-mentioned screw conveyor and screw pump will soon be delivered to the customer site by sea.


Since its establishment, GN Solids Control has provided multiple screw pumps and screw conveyors to customers worldwide. If you have any technical and equipment needs to consult, you are welcome to call GN Solids Control at any time.