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Three-phase decanter centrifuges for sludge treatment are sold to the African
2021-10-30 16:38:23

GN Solids Control focuses on the production of solid-liquid separation equipment, which has now been sold to many countries around the world. Last week, GN Solids Control delivered a three-phase decanter centrifuge to a tank cleaning sludge treatment plant in Africa.


The GN Solids Control centrifuge production line includes two-phase decanter centrifuges, three-phase decanter centrifuges and three-phase disc centrifuges. Each centrifuge has different sizes to meet different processing capacity requirements.


GN Solids Control two-phase decanter centrifuge is mainly used for solid-liquid separation of drilling mud and barite recovery. Generally, the solid content of drilling mud processed is about 20%, and the GN Solids Control three-phase decanter centrifuge is mainly used to process the liquid phase after the two-phase decanter centrifuge. The solid content of the processed materials is less than 10%, and the particles are less than 2mm. After being processed by a three-phase decanter centrifuge, more clarified water, oil and solids can be recovered. Since the sludge in the tank contains more oil, the recovered oil can add value, while the water can be reused, and the solids can be sent directly to the waste treatment company for processing.


GN Solids Control has extensive experience in handling sludge in storage tanks. In addition to the three-phase decanter centrifuge equipment, GN Solids Control can also provide a complete set of solutions, such as the entire sludge treatment plant. So far, GN Solids Control has provided oil sludge treatment systems to customers in the United States, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Kuwait and other countries.


If you need more pure oil and water, you can use a three-phase disc centrifuge. After treatment, the water and solid content in the oil is not more than 3%, and the recovered oil is about 1000-3000ppm. The solid content is less than 5%, and the water content is about 55%.


GN Solids Control has rich experience and treatment solutions in the treatment of oily sludge. If you have any needs or consultations in this regard, please call us.