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Mud dewatering equipment sold to Australia Client
2021-11-04 14:05:38

GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of solids control and waste treatment equipment. After more than ten years of development, GN Solids Control has successfully sold different types of solid-liquid separation equipment to many countries and regions around the world. Recently, GN Solids Control also successfully supplied a set of construction mud dewatering equipment to the Australian construction mud treatment company for dewatering construction mud.


1. High frequency dehydration coarse screen shaker

The construction mud first enters the coarse screen through the transfer pump. In order to prevent large particles from entering the vibrating screen, a filter device is installed at the entrance of the shale shaker to filter some stones, branches, bottles and other sundries in the mud. To prevent damage to the vibrating screen, the mud removed from the sundries enters the vibrating screen for coarse mud screening.


2. High frequency dehydration fine screen shaker

The mud after the coarse screen enters the fine screen for dewatering. The fine screen uses a double-layer shale shaker. By selecting different specifications of screens, it can be used to remove two kinds of harmful solid phases with different particle sizes in the mud, and according to the actual site of the customer In order to prevent mud from clogging the screen, our company also equips the shaker screen with flushing nozzles.


3. Desilting cleaner

The sludge cleaner is to pump the sludge after two screenings into the sludge cyclone at a certain pressure through the supply pump, and separate the solid phase with high specific gravity in the mud downward and fall into the vibration by the swirling principle. The sieve is sieved again, and the liquid phase with small specific gravity is transported upward through the slurry pipeline to the corresponding slurry storage tank for the next step of separation.


Four, large drum dehydration decanter centrifuge

The liquid phase after the front-end treatment finally enters into centrifugal dewatering for final treatment. The mud can be finally dewatered through the principle of centrifugal separation to obtain clean water and mud. The water can be sent to the sewage treatment plant, and the mud meets transportation standards. In order to ensure that the centrifuge achieves a better dewatering effect, GN Solids Control also equips customers with a professional automatic dosing system to supply flocculants to the centrifuge to gather small particles together to obtain a better separation effect.


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