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Oil-based grief dryer and centrifuge system send to domestic environmental engin
2021-11-12 18:36:57

With the increase in oil drilling development, more and more oil-based muds are used in drilling, but oil-based mud is used in the process of using oil-based mud, which is greatly harmful to the environment. Moreover, most countries in the world have strict restrictions on the emission standards of oil-containing scrap. According to the region and the country, the oil content of the drills is different, and generally required less than 5%, many developed countries and regions require that OOC oil content is less than 1%. Crown energy produced drill blow dryers can usually reduce the amount of drill over the oil to 3-5%.


After the GN Solids Control cuttings, after treatment, the total amount of waste scrap can be reduced, and the useful drilling fluid can be recovered for continuing drilling. The discharged solid phase material can be sent to a hazardous waste treatment plant for further pyrolysis or biodegradation harmless treatment.


The role of oil-based grief dryer and centrifuge system is: reduction of drilling waste, recovering useful drilling fluid, reducing transportation costs and post-treatment costs. It is mainly configured as follows:


1, GN SOLIDS Control Vertical Cutting Dryer GNCD930F

Drilling the cutting dryer utilizes a mechanical rotation to generate a device separated by the solid-liquid mixture, which can be partially recovered in the liquid phase in the drill. Drilling the sleeve through the injection port, the space between the screen and the spiral of the dispenser. GN Solids Control vertical cutting dryer Cavity Truck Rapids Up to 900 rpm Separation Factors 420g, under this centrifugal force, liquid phase and small particles (centrifugal liquid) passed through the material layer, through the screen, along the upper cover into the upper portion of the base In the liquid tank, then by the exhaust pipe exhausted on both sides of the base; the drill shackles are held inside the screen, and there is a rotational failure between the rotor blade and the screen basket, the rotor blade will drill the cut Scrape from the screen basket and pushed it to the bottom of the screen, thereby discharging the dehydrated drillings into the hopper of the machine or the bottom screw conveyor. This dehydration process is continuously carried out, which can be applied to the drill treatment for sustainable work.


2, GN SOLIDS Control Decanter Centrifuge GNLW363C-VFD

The GN Solids Control Soot Spicy Centrifuge GNLW363C-VFD can further process the liquid phase separated from the crystal cutting machine, reducing the density, thereby allowing the oil-based mud to be repeatedly utilized. GN Solids Control Centrifuge's finishing is all used by CNC equipment, high processing accuracy, good consistency. After the high-precision CNC equipment is processed, the centrifuge has been processed by the three-way balance, including the main retrain assembly 1800rpm, the speed balance, the actual working speed of the spiral rotor, and ensures centrifugation. The machine is stably operated at high speed conditions.


If you have any questions about oil-based cutting treatment, you can always consult GN Solids Control.