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GN Solids Control stacking screw dehydrator and solid vacuum pump send to client
2021-11-18 10:00:45

The screw stack sludge dewatering machine is an economical and environmentally friendly sludge dewatering equipment, which can replace the centrifuge to a certain extent. The screw stack sludge dewatering machine uses the screw extrusion principle, and the strong extrusion force generated by the change of the screw diameter and pitch , And the tiny gap between the moving ring and the fixed ring, a new type of solid-liquid separation equipment for squeezing and dewatering the sludge. It is widely used in municipal sewage treatment and sludge sewage treatment in aquaculture, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, papermaking and other industries. The advantages are as follows:


1. It is suitable for a wide range of sludge dewatering and can be used for oily sludge treatment;

2. The equipment runs automatically and continuously, and it is not easy to be blocked;

3. Low investment and operating costs, and no secondary pollution;

4. Energy saving and environmental protection, small floor space;

5. The sludge can be dehydrated under aerobic conditions to avoid the release of anaerobic sludge dehydration.


GN Solids Control solid vacuum pump is a pneumatic pump that uses air as its power source. It can be used to transport mine tailings, drilling waste, industrial slurry, chemical powder, construction aggregates, oil sludge, kitchen waste and other materials.


In solid transportation, screw conveyors are conventionally used for transportation, which has short transportation distance and high cost, which cannot be satisfied for long-distance transportation. The GN Solids Control solid vacuum pump has a suction distance of 50 meters and a discharge distance of 1000 meters. It is of great significance for long-distance transportation.


The solid vacuum pump can have good effect and longer head for solid transportation because it can form higher negative pressure and positive pressure. GN Solids Control has specially designed two devices, a vacuum pump rotary discharge device and a vacuum pump buffer funnel, to relieve the pressure and prevent the impact of the discharge of materials. So as to meet the customer's requirements.


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