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Sludge dehydration equipment sales to the environmental protection company
2021-12-04 11:39:44

GN Solids Control completed a set of sludge remodeling system for a surgical dehydrating system for an environmental protection company and sent to customers. Includes the sleeve centrifuge, superposition dehydrator and three boxes of pharmaceutical devices. GN have many experience of waste treatment work.


First, the centrifuge

GN Solids Control produced the heating centrifuge product quality is stable, excellent in performance, bringing strong confidence to the user. The old customer order is stable and increased, and the new customer inquiry is increasing. For the centrifugal machines sold to the environmental protection company, there is the following features:


1. Drum material: double phase stainless steel 2304; spiral pusher: double phase stainless steel 2205;

2. The main bearing uses a dilute oil lubrication, and the operation of the bearing is better. It can achieve higher speed, and equipped with a lubrication protection system. It can still provide lubrication after sudden power outage. 5 ~ 10 minutes;

3. The motor is equipped with a shock absorber to avoid the impact of vibration between motors and centrifuge hosts;

4. The upper cover of the collection box uses a double-layer structure, and the insulation cotton is lined, and the noise of the centrifuge is lowered;

5. The collection box is equipped with rinsing tubes, and customers can more need to rinse the collection box;

6. Painting the doctor blade and the end squeegee to prevent the drum from being worn, and the slag ring is installed to prevent the collection box solid phase.

7. Variable frequency drive, can adjust the processing amount according to the actual situation to adjust the amount.


Second, the stacked dehydrator

GN stacking sludge dehydrator is an economical environmentally friendly sludge dehydration equipment, and the principle of screw squeezing machine is used by the screw squeezing. The slight gap between the sludge is realized to squeeze dehydration equipment. It is widely used in municipal sewage treatment and breeding, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, paper and other sludge sewage treatment. The advantage has the following 5 points:


1. Applicable sludge dehydration range can be used for oil-containing sludge treatment;

2, the device automatically runs continuously and is not easy to block;

3, the investment operation cost is low, no secondary pollution;

4, energy saving, environmental protection, small area;

5, sludge can be dehydrated under aerobic conditions to avoid the release of anaerobic sludge.


Third, three boxes of pharmaceutical devices

GN three boxes of automated chemical dosing unit are commonly used for preparation, storage and investment of powder pharmaceuticals. The complete set of equipment is automatic ingredient, dissolved, inserted in one, fully automated operation; the quantitative spiral conveying and timing oscillating design of the dry powder feeder can reduce the powder cake. The dry powder investment, the amount of water can be adjusted, and the corresponding concentration of liquid can be prepared according to the working conditions, and the self-contained reservoir can control the entire preparation process.

If you have any questions about this solution, you are welcome to contact GN Solids Control.