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GNTBM-360 mud-water separation system sold to pipe jacking engineering company
2021-12-11 14:21:31

GN Solids Control is a professional drilling mud treatment equipment manufacturer. After more than ten years of continuous development and innovation, the mud treatment equipment produced by GN Solids Control has been successfully sold to many countries and regions around the world, and has been unanimously affirmed by customers . Recently, our company successfully supplied a set of mud-water separation system for a pipe jacking engineering company in China, and sent it to the customer's site to complete the installation and commissioning. The customer spoke highly of the quality of the equipment. The following are the main equipment included in the system.


1. Pre-separation shale shaker

The mud to be processed first enters the coarse screen in the system to remove the large particles of debris in the mud. The first separate process uses a polyurethane slit screen, which has the characteristics of good separation effect and long practical life.


2. Desanding cyclone separation

The mud after the coarse screen of the shale shaker enters the mud storage tank, and then the mud is pumped into the inlet of the 16-inch de-sanding cyclone at a certain pressure and flow through the centrifugal pump, and the solid phase in the mud is removed by the swirling flow principle. After separation, the solid phase is discharged, and the liquid phase enters the slurry tank for subsequent processing.


3. Desilter

After the mud treated by the desander enters the storage, the mud is pumped into the GN 4-inch desilting cyclone through a sand pump. The solid-liquid separation of the mud is also carried out through the swirling principle. The liquid phase can directly enter the mud circulation system for reuse, and the solid phase falls into the lower bottom flow shale shaker for treatment again.


Four, underflow shale shaker

The solid phase treated by the sludge cyclone falls into the underflow shale shaker for reprocessing to obtain a drier solid phase and recover more mud for recycling.


If you have a need for mud-water separation, please feel free to contact us.