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Centrifuge and solid vacuum pump project completed
2022-03-27 19:13:56

GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of design, development and production of industrial separation decanter centrifuges. After more than ten years of development and innovation, the decanter centrifuges manufactured by GN Solids Control have been sold to many countries and regions around the world. With rich experience in design, development and manufacturing, and on the basis of traditional mechanically driven decanter centrifuges, we have jointly developed a fully hydraulic driven centrifuge with the well-known Swiss hydraulic drive brands Viscotherm and ROTODIFF. Recently, our company has successfully customized for customers Two fully hydraulic driven centrifuges and two solid vacuum pumps were sent to the customer site and completed the acceptance, which was well received by the customer.


1. Hydraulic driven centrifuge GNLW363D-FHD

GN Solids Control GNLW363D-FHD is a fully hydraulic driven centrifuge jointly developed by GN and Swiss Viscotherm and ROTODIFF. The hydraulic driven centrifuge can meet the requirements of high specific gravity mud separation in high temperature environment. The diameter of the drum is 14 inches (360mm). The drum material is made of two-way stainless steel SS2205 by centrifugal casting. The pusher is inlaid with replaceable wear-resistant alloy sheet protection, which has a long service life and is easy to maintain. The slurry outlet of the pusher is protected by a hard alloy sleeve, which can effectively prolong the service life. The main bearings are all imported SKF series high-end bearings, which have a long service life.


2. Solid vacuum pump

This time, our company has equipped customers with two solid vacuum pumps, namely GNSP-40B and GNSP-20B. The main difference between the two pumps is the different processing capacity. The processing capacity of GNSIP-40B is 40 m3/h, which has a large processing capacity and is suitable for stable The working environment is not allowed to move. The processing capacity of GNSP-20B is 20 m3/h, and the pump body is equipped with wheel reels, which is convenient for mobile operation. Due to its unique post-section design, the GN Solids Control solid vacuum pump completely adopts the pneumatic principle and can meet different use environments. and it also use for oil sludge treatment job.

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