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Explosion-proof high-speed centrifuge sold to customers in the Middle East
2022-04-10 18:37:52

GN Solids Control is an industrial decanter centrifuge manufacturer. After more than ten years of development and innovation, GN Solids Control has accumulated rich experience in centrifuge design and manufacturing, and has successfully sold centrifuges to many countries and regions around the world. area. Recently, our company has successfully customized two sets of ATEX explosion-proof and high-temperature resistant high-speed variable frequency centrifuges for foreign customers in the Middle East, and sent them to the customer site, which was well received by customers.


According to different application industries and working conditions, GN Solids Control can provide customers with high-speed variable frequency centrifuges of domestic CNEX explosion-proof standards, and can also provide customers with high-speed variable frequency centrifuges that comply with EU standards ATEX and international explosion-proof IECEx standards. The two centrifuges sold to the customer site this time are equipped with intelligent frequency conversion control cabinets independently developed by GN Solids Control and equipped with professional explosion-proof air conditioners, which can meet the normal operation under high temperature conditions. The diameter of the two high-speed centrifuge drums is 14 inches (360mm), the drum material is made of two-way stainless steel SS2205 by centrifugal casting, and the pusher is inlaid with replaceable wear-resistant alloy sheet protection, which has a long service life. , easy to maintain. The slag discharge port of the drum and the pulp outlet of the pusher are protected by hard alloy sleeves, which can effectively prolong the service life. The main bearings are all imported SKF series high-end bearings, which have a long service life. centrifuge widely use for solids control and waste management work.


In addition to being able to produce 14" diameter drums, GN Solids Control can also provide customers with 9", 18", 22" and 30" large drum centrifuges. And GN has its own electrical department, focusing on providing a professional PLC control system for the decanter centrifuge, which greatly provides the practicability and operability of the centrifuge.


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