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Mini sludge vacuum pumps and centrifuges are sold to foreign customers
2022-04-24 15:32:30

Recently, GN Solids Control successfully customized a set of micro sludge vacuum pump and small centrifuge for foreign customers, which are used for cleaning oil tanks and solid-liquid separation operations.


1. Mini sludge vacuum pump


GN sludge vacuum pump is a kind of vacuum pump that forms a vacuum in the tank by pneumatic, and then sucks the material, and then converts the material into a positive pressure by inflating the tank to discharge the material from the tank. Because its working principle is pneumatic, no power supply is required, and it can be used in explosion-proof areas. Due to the unique Venturi device of the solid vacuum pump, it can generate a vacuum effect of 25 inches HG (Hg) in the case of strong airflow, which can evacuate the air in the tank and then suck the material, so there are almost no wearing parts, suitable for Conveying high-density materials and materials with a solids content of more than 80%, the stable performance enables it to work in the most difficult environments. The processing capacity of this Mini sludge vacuum pump is 5m³/h. The customer is used to transport the materials in the cleaning tank, and in order to facilitate the customer's operation, the working mode of this pump can be selected from manual mode and automatic mode, and the sludge vacuum pump The suction and discharge time can also be adjusted by the customer according to the actual operation situation.


2. GN decanter centrifuge


GN220 series decanter centrifuges are small drum centrifuges, which are mainly used for small processing or limited site conditions, and are also ideal equipment for centrifuge experiments. The customer chooses this centrifuge mainly for the solid-liquid separation of the oil sludge extracted from the oil tank by the sludge vacuum pump, and according to different customer needs, our company can also provide customers with three different control modes; constant speed control, frequency conversion control and full hydraulic control. In addition to centrifuges, our company can also provide customers with professional chemical dosing devices/dewatering unit, which can be used in conjunction with centrifuges to obtain better solid-liquid separation effects.


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