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GN tank clean system sold to offshore project
2022-04-28 14:19:03

It is well known that mud is an essential element of drilling operations. The quality of the mud largely determines whether the drilling operation can be carried out safely and smoothly. The mud tank also plays an important role as a storage container for mud. The mud tank needs to be cleaned when changing the mud type during the drilling process. Under normal circumstances, the mud tank cleaning needs to manually enter the confined space and manually flush. This cleaning method has great disadvantages. The first is that the working environment is bad, it is easy to hurt people, and it does not meet the HSE. Secondly, the working space is limited, which is not convenient for work. At the same time, it will cause environmental pollution and does not meet environmental protection requirements. It will also cause more waste of water resources.


Faced with these, GN Solids Control launched an automatic tank clean system to solve the above problems. Its advantages are mechanization, physical cleaning, high efficiency and quickness, and it can quickly and effectively clean the sludge at the bottom of the mud tank. No personnel enter the confined space, and the working environment is good. Realize the separation of solid and liquid phase, which is convenient for transportation and storage. Realize the recycling of clean water and save water resources.


The main configuration is as follows:


1. Automatic flushing module

Equipped with a high-pressure flushing pump to ensure that high-pressure water can be supplied for cleaning work, and different flushing nozzles can be connected for cleaning work

2. Mud suction module

Use self-priming vacuum pump, power: 15kw, flow 30m³/h, 30m head. The vacuum pump transports the material from the tank to the inclined plate settling separator.


3. Mud purification module

Using inclined plate clarifier, volume 5m3, model GNIPC-35B, processing capacity: 30m³/h power: 0.55kw, c/w visual level gauge. It is used to separate the materials conveyed by the vacuum pump.


4. Mud storage and transportation module

Use electric diaphragm pump, power: 1.5kw, model DBY3-50/60 electric diaphragm pump, maximum flow 9.6 m³/h, nitrile rubber diaphragm pump. Used to transport the solid particles separated by the inclined plate sedimentation.


5. Buffer tank

It is used to store the clean water separated by the sedimentation of the inclined plate, and the clean water is supplied to the washing machine through the centrifuge pump for reuse.


If you have any needs or technical inquiries about the automatic tank washing mud purification system, you are welcome to call GN Solids Control.