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Video:Hydraulic Jack Up Mud Recycling System for Australia
2015-01-24 16:26:03

GN Hydrauclic Jack Up mud recycling system is very polular in Australia for CBM drilling and HDD, the featured self-contained hydraulic jack up system is powered by desiel engines, the legs can spread to over 3.0m and lift up to over 1.5m to allow normal trailer to get in.With the low profile of GN Solids Control Equipments over the tank, and folded up walkways and handrails, it makes the GN Hydraulic Jack up mud system to be a Fast-Moved unit without hire big cranes to lift the tank.

Hydraulic Jack Up mud recycling system for Australia

The configuration of GN Hydraulic Jack Up Mud Recycling System

  • Two Linear Motion Shale Shakers
  • One Desilter Mud Cleaner unit
  • One 11.5M Mud Recycling Tank
  • One 11.5M Mud Mixing Tank
  • Mud Agitators, Centrifugal Feeding pump and mixing pumps included.

Lifting Up the Hydraulic Jackup Mud Recycling System in GN Factory Video

Lower down the Hydraulic Jack Up mud Cleaning Unit Video in GN Factory.

Jobsite Photoes of GN Hydraulic Jack Up mud system in Australia

1) 500 GPM Mud Recycling System with Hydraulic Jackup Legs in Brisbane Jobsite

500 GPM Mud Recycling Mud System with Hydraulic Legs

2) GN Solids Control & Drilling Waste Management Combination Unit in Queensland Australia

Hydraulic Jack Up Drilling Waste Management System

Two Shale Shaker for Solids Control on Tank No. 1, One Mud Cleaner on tank No. 1, and Two High Speed Decanter Centrifuge on tank No. 1 for fine Solids Separation.  One High G Linear Motion drying shale shaker on the No. 2 mud tank for drying solids from the primary solids control equiment.

Hydraulic Jack Up Solids Control

3) Hydraulic Jack Up mud cleaning unit for HDD ( Trenchless drilling) in Australia

500GPM Hydraulic Jack Up mud system

Our partner TT Asia is a Germany No Dig Drilling rig manufacturer, TT Asia takes care of GN Solids Control sales and service of the mud recycling system in Australia market